MyDekla Daclatasvir Plus Sofosbuvir Treatment For People With HCV

Hepatitis C is a serious liver disease that can lead to liver cancer, liver failure, or even death. But, fortunately, the treatment of hepatitis C is both available and affordable. Nowadays people with hepatitis C have options when it comes to their treatment, including tablets, which are much more effective.

Approvals treatment options for the Hepatitis C virus is Daclatasvir by MyLan Pharmaceuticals under the brand name MyDekla, used to treat HCV infection, a pill that is used in combination with Sofosbuvir.  Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is one of the most prevalent health problems in Russia.

Daclatasvir MyDekla is a direct antiviral medicine , an inhibitor of NS5A protein HCV, the main protein of the HCV replication complex, which plays an important role in the life cycle of HCV. The treatment recommended for you will depend on your individual circumstances such as whether you have undertaken treatment before, the condition of your liver and other health conditions you may have.

Undoubtedly, hepatitis C can be treated, since effective antiviral therapy can lead to eradication of HCV infection, besides it reduces the risk of further progression of hepatic and extrahepatic manifestations of HCV infection.

Daclatasvir MyDekla 60mg Tablets substitute available in Russia are: Natdac, DaciHep, Daclacure, DaclaHep, Daclakem, Hepcdac etc.

How To Order Medicines

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