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Daclatasvir is recommended as a possible treatment for adults with some types (called genotypes) of chronic hepatitis C, depending on their level of fibrosis.

If you have genotype 1, 3 or 4 chronic hepatitis C your healthcare has been prescribed Daclatasvir. Daclatasvir is the right dose for hepatitis C virus treatment in combination with other antiviral medicines.

Chronic hepatitis C infection is a major cause of chronic liver disease, cirrhosis and liver cancer as well as an important indication for liver transplantation. Daclatasvir is a direct-acting antiviral (DAA) agent. It selectively inhibits HCV viral replication by targeting the hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS5A protein. This medicine is used in combination with the HCV NS5B RNA polymerase inhibitor Sofosbuvir.

Daclatasvir 60 mg - Brand Name List From

Available brands for generic Daclatasvir with manufacturers details. Click on the desired brand name to find out the details.

1. “Natdac” 60mg - Manufacturer “Natco Pharma”; 

2. “Daclakem” 60 mg Manufacturer “Alkem”;

3. “Daclacure” 60 mg Manufacturer “Emcure”;

4. “DaciHep” 60 mg Manufacturer “Zydus Heptiza”;

5. “Hepcdac” 60mg Manufacturer “Cipla Limited’;

6. “MyDekla” 60 mg Manufacturer “MyLan” etc.

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