Buy Myhep Lvir Tablets : Sofosbuvir & Ledipasvir Tablets Price

The diagnosis of hepatitis C for many patients was a verdict. The problem was not only that the disease was difficult to treat, but that the cost of highly effective drugs was inadequate for most patients. Many pharmacists from India provide patients with a very real and affordable chance to get rid of the insidious illness. A real breakthrough in the treatment was MyHep-LVIR Tablets (Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir).

Myhep LVIR is intended for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C of genotype 1 in patients with and without cirrhosis. Myhep LVIR is effective for patients who are being treated for the first time and for patients with ineffective experience of treating hepatitis C with interferon and ribavirin or if there is intolerance to these medications.

Sofosbuvir 400mg & Ledipasvir 90mg

The drug has proved its high effectiveness in the fight against hepatitis C . The duration of treatment is set by the doctor and can range from 12 to 24. The standard dosage is 100 mg of Sofosbuvir and 90 mg of Ledipasvir (both components are in the same dosage in a single tablet). It is recommended to drink a tablet with plenty of water.

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